the start .

A little about myself and why after so many years of being encouraged, I decided to start sharing my feelings, failures, triumphs, struggles, but mainly just my thoughts. Thoughts about love, life,  family, animals, heartbreak…really anything that crosses my mind. I do not encourage hate or debate. I hope that with my words I can inspire, shift perspective or allow someone to relate to another human being. In order to empower one another, we can’t dim a person’s light in an attempt to make ourselves shine brighter. We must appreciate our complexities and unique individuality.

My life starts as the story of many others’. Sexual abuse by a family member, dysfunctional family dynamic, physically/verbally abusive parents, denial about abuse, dark family secrets. In a world of oversharing, I truly believe there is worth in sharing your experiences, positive or negative, and also sharing how you’ve reached the point in your life where you have made peace. How have you been able help another human being get to the same point.

I have never considered myself a victim of anything. I am who I am because of circumstance and if I chose to live in the state of mind that what had happened, happened just because I am me, I would never have taken responsibility for myself and would have never decided to do what I needed to do, to take charge and ownership of my life. Horrible things happen, everyday to everyone, but its how we choose to rise above those situations, to be better humans and to lend a helping hand to another human being. I have attempted to share my thoughts with friends, family, colleagues on social media but it has never worked the way I had hoped. Sometimes what I share is too real and it may make another person have to look inward and thats when you lose people. You lose a following when you try to be both who you are and what you are, in an attempt to allow another person to gain a better understanding. Sometimes, we’re not ready to hear the honest truth. Anonymity is not hiding who you are, its protecting who you are and I have made my peace with that.

I hope that value comes from what I share.

“You are the most influential person you will talk to all day.”-Zig Ziglar Inc.



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