consumed .

Consumption. Mass consumption. Over consumption. Unsustainable consumption. However its said it is disturbing to think of the sheer volume of what we as humans consume. The sheer volume of waste that we create from our consumption. Not to mention the constant drain on our resources, be them natural or living being…to supply us as “consumers”.

The word alone is nauseating.

I’ve often tried to wrap my head around the amount of garbage we as a species create and where it all ends up. We live in a society where everything is for sale and everything can be thrown away. Everything is “sellable” even beautiful, exotic animals that should remain in the wild. I often think about the millions of cars with leather seats and where that leather came from. Leather for shoes, purses, watches, hats, clothing, everything and anything. Lately I’ve been following some social media sites that are rescue organizations for animals that have been used to produce dairy products, meats and yes, even fashion accessories. It disturbs me so much these stories that are shared and the condition that these animals are in after they’ve been “spent” in supplying us for consumption.

I came across a story a week ago about a rescued calf named, Calvin. He was being sold at auction after having been ripped away from his mother immediately after birth, mainly because he was a male, but more importantly because her milk was profitable for human consumption. The rescue organization tried to purchase his mother in attempt to save both his and her lives, as he didn’t get a drop of the milk that she produced FOR HIM, but the owner refused because basically she makes him too much money. The calf was completely malnourished and ill. The rescuer stated that he “probably would’ve been sold for veal” and it broke my heart. I am not a vegan, vegetarian or anything like that, but the older I get the more and more I find it hard to “consume” the food that’s sold for our “consumption”.

I’ve seen horrific videos of big name industries and the way their  “products” are treated. I read stories all the time about animals who suffer disturbing abuse at the hands of humans are producing food for other humans and I think to myself, what kind of society are we? And what will happen one day when we run out of these resources. Oh wait, there’s a plan for that and that’s genetically modified products, fake products. It’s hard because I cant think of any way around any of it, because we need to eat, we need to food, but it doesn’t mean we cant be more conscious. I worry for the earth, for the environment, for the future generations, honestly. We are becoming a more selfish species and its like we can never get enough. We’re never satisfied, we always want more. We are the only species that consciously drinks another species milk, and we never think twice about the calves who are being torn away after birth who need that nourishment. I’ll be honest I have NEVER realized that. We eat eggs from hens, who are barely a year old and when they can’t produce anymore or at a rate some industry sees fit, they are sent for slaughter, yet we allow murderers and pedophiles a bed to sleep in, food to eat and “recess”.

We are a society that makes me sick. It makes me sick because I too, take part in the very destruction of so many things. I spend money on clothing and shoes and food. Its a conflict everyday for me and I wish that I had the ability to be like some of the selfless people out there who rescue and save those animals, who try to be a voice for our voiceless planet, who try to boycott products that are tested on animals or industries who inhumanely slaughter animals for…CONSUMPTION.  I wish I had the ability or the balls even, to give it all up. I wouldn’t even know where to start BUT I try to do my very small part each day.

When will we realize that once we have ridded the planet of everything that’s beneficial to us, what we have done. What will your grandchildren, children, nieces and nephews have left when we are long gone. What animals will become extinct because of “population control” safari trip by some trust fund kids and rich, over-privileged Americans, shooting the most majestic creatures this earth has left to offer us. I am no poet, no author, no gifted or talented writer so if this doesn’t make sense, it is what it is. Its hard for to me to describe what I struggle with in my heart and mind about this beautiful planet and what we have ALL done to it. I am not religious, I’m not an atheist, I believe in a higher being, whether it be aliens or whatever I don’t know, but I do know that if and when the day comes where we are called into judgment, we as a society will fail miserably. Not only because of material consumption, of food,  false media, but because as humans we fail each other. We fail to see the beauty in what this planet offers us. We fail to hold ourselves accountable. We fail to think outside of the box and try something new. To love ourselves and our neighbors. To love, to appreciate the luxuries we do have. To treat our planet and its resources with appreciation and respect.

I tried to have a conversation about this and was told by someone that they just plain didn’t care. Didn’t care what happened to the animals who provided the food they ate, didn’t care about the way the animals are treated while awaiting “processing for consumption”, just didn’t care AT ALL. I couldn’t live my life just not caring, even if right now financially I can’t do anything to save our oceans, our beautiful majestic creatures, our rivers, our forests. One day I will, and one day I hope that more people become enlightened, that more people care enough about the earth and the environment to actually make a difference.  That more people care about the living creatures environments that we’ve destroyed. It takes everyone.

I just needed to get this off of my chest and I don’t have a solution. It is painful to see it. Its painful to read about. And its painful to know that I take part in the mass consumption of everything too.