respect .

It is a totally lost concept. No one has any regard anymore for anyone or anything. Elders, animals, the earth or  each other. I am consistently disgusted with the videos I see and the news I read about humans blatant disrespect for one another. While I understand that we live in a time where feelings are an alarmingly high level, it is never okay to disrespect someone for something they believe in, for who they are, who they choose to love or for just being. It is never right to abuse, neglect or abandon any being.

We were all destined for something. We all have a job. We all have a family. We all have beliefs and ideals that we remain faithful to. We seem to be living in a time where everyone wants to be heard and while I completely understand our rights of “freedom of speech” I don’t understand when it became okay to shove our opinions down one another’s throats. Where it became okay to physically assault someone with your words about what you feel is right or not.

When I read articles about politicians, however corrupt they may be, trying to eat dinner at a restaurant and being verbally assaulted by someone, it makes my stomach turn. I’ve always been a huge proponent of trying to elicit change with a calm, calculated demeanor. No one wants to listen to a tirade directed at someone who unfortunately has to make choices and decisions that are critical to who they are. Whether we agree or not. We seem to have forgotten to be gracious under duress and to represent ourselves well. I get it, politics are a hot topic and maybe its because I choose not to allow something, which to me is futile, to dictate how I choose to behave towards another human being, but I feel like its just not the best way to do things.

When I see videos of young black men filming a friend who is being confronted by a police officer, which again I understand is another HUGE issue today, but pretending to run or trying to make an officer think you’re going to run and then start laughing?! Then everyone wants to get upset as a nation when a young black man is shot for doing that same exact thing. For disobeying the law. Police officers are here to uphold law and YES so many are corrupt, I know this, but that disrespectful behavior for likes on your Instagram or for a good laugh to make an officer look like less of a person, does exactly the opposite for your movement.

These videos of white women harassing hispanic people because they’re speaking their native language to one another. Telling them to leave the country like their lives don’t even matter. Videos of wild animals being, what to me is tortured, for a repost or a like. Being dressed up in human clothes, being pushed off when trying to find comfort, being hunted for attention. Being captured from the wild in an attempt to become domesticated then not thinking twice about killing a beautiful creature because of it natural instincts. Hunting and killing rare creatures, near extinct beasts for a measly price or on the premise of “over-population”. Hour-old babies being ripped from their mothers to supply the consumption we as humans require. Being slaughtered and genetically conceived for a vicious disgusting cycle of mass-production. We take responsibility for nothing as a human race.

We as a species are deplorable. We respect nothing. We respect no one. We do not respect the diminishing resources of the planet. We throw trash in our oceans, in our forests. We destroy natural habitats for malls or apartment complexes. We displace nature. We level historical sites and landmarks because we’d rather hide our history than confront it. We care nothing about our part in the complete demise of our world. We are getting nastier every day to one another. We are becoming a race of hate. White hates Black. Black hates White. White hates Hispanics. Hispanics hate Whites. Chinese hate Whites. Whites hate Japanese. It’s an endless cycle of hatred. Everyone hates everyone. What kind of place do we live in and what do we do to show respect anymore. Unfortunately we have a president who seems the utmost foundation of his life is to breed hate and discontent and divide between everyone. And the saddest part of it, is all of the people who felt necessary to vote him into office. This whole White America movement. This land they claim to be theirs. The continued disrespect toward the Natives of this land who slowly succumb to substance abuse, who’s land continues to be ripped from their hands and all these white men and women who feel that this land belongs to them and rightfully so.

I am seeing this great nation become again one of raping and pillaging. One of propaganda and uneducated minds feeding into it. We allow pedophiles and rapists to run for office. We allow unemployed, addicts to live off of hard-working people. We allow the rich to get richer. We allow criminals a full belly while children starve every day in probably right around the corner from us. We treat our veterans like their sacrifices didn’t matter. We’ve become a country of negativity. One of civil divide and no one doing anything to stop it. The only time our country has ever felt united, was when we were attacked unexpectedly. Now we are reaching a point where division seems to make more sense. No one looks out for their neighbor anymore, instead we’re out to get them. People don’t greet one another, uttering a “Good Morning” is like a curse on someone’s mother. Holding the door, excusing yourself, helping a busy mom with groceries, helping an elderly person with a step up on the curb, saying “hi” to a stranger. There was something to be said for being kind or “neighborly. Something to be said for small talk with someone you didn’t know.

I wonder when as a human race will we actually wake up. We will run out of resources. We will see a civil war, I believe in our time. We will see the most majestic of creatures and our oceans cease to exist and we will continue to poison each other and future generations until we also, cease to exist. What will we leave behind for the future. What will they have to show for our choices. When will we realize that we can in fact live peacefully. We will continue our demise slowly and surely if we don’t start to respect the all of the gifts we have been given and respect others. I think I went off point, but the moral of this story is to respect. Every single thing. Every single person. There will come a time where we will wish we had done better. Been better. And it will be too late.


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