the invisible enemy .

There is a woman who lives in my shadow.

She does not let me sleep.

I worry that she will search.

I worry that she will find me.

I worry that she will hurt me.

I worry she will destroy everything I love.

Everything I have waited for.

She is filled with hatred.

She is my nightmare.

There is no peace.

She won’t leave. She won’t stop. She won’t go away.

Always there. Always lurking.

I hide my happiness.

She’s there.

I come out of hiding.

She’s there.

Dark. Cold. Filled with pure hate.

Spewing negativity and toxicity.

She has fooled many.

She has never apologized.

Never verbalized…kindness.

Not to me.

Her name, I can’t say.

She is not me.

She wanted to be.

He didn’t want her to be.

She never was.

No “I love you”.

No commitment.

No connection.

There is a woman, I am terrified of.

She is an invisible enemy.

She will fall…

but not at my hands.

Justice will come.

Karma will win.


FYI Cyber-stalking is real. It is a crime. I am a victim.




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