find a penny .

“…pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck. ”

How often do you see a penny on the ground anymore? And if you do, do you pick it up? Do you see it’s value? Are you embarrassed to want to pick it up in a crowd of people because the value of a penny means nothing to anyone anymore? Where everything we need or want costs so much more than that penny?

We live in a world that we don’t take the time to focus on the “small things” in life anymore. As a child a penny on the ground, unclaimed was like a treasure to us. We recited the rhyme and we truly believed that we’d have good luck, all day. We were rich! We were excited to have “money”. 1 whole cent. We saw its worth. We saw its value. We knew that if we continued to find and collect those pennies, we’d have money of our very own to spend. So we did! We picked up those pennies and they were so important to us.

I saw a penny on the Metro the other afternoon and I kept my eye on it. There were 2 little boys sitting on the seat above where it sat on the floor and I thought to myself, I wonder if they know about the old superstition, but i was hesitant because we live in a time in society where everyone is offended by something, so I opted to not ask or share. I was amazed that neither of them grabbed it excitedly, that neither of them reacted to it the way I would have as a child. I waited for them to exit and I kept my eye on that penny thinking to myself how little we value “old” things. How little we find worth in lesser things. How much we miss out on by focusing on the louder, less important things in life. I recited the rhyme, picked up that penny and placed it in my pocket. I have always picked up pennies.

That penny to me represents simplicity, belief, hope. It reminds me of being a young innocent child, seeing so much worth in that, deemed now, worthless coin. Kind of how we used to see so much worth in ourselves and in our choices. We’re so often consumed about trivial things in our lives that completely suck us dry of our energy and our passion. Whether those things are negative people, work stress, financial stress-we always choose them over happiness. Over simplicity. Over the beauty of the small things around us each day that can fill us with positivity. We forget to dream. We forget to wish. We spend so much of our time making things more difficult than they need be. So much of our time is spent worrying about things that we can’t control, but we fail to realize there is always hope. There’s always hope for something better. When we take the time to focus on those little things, we can garner so much joy from them. From a simple hello to a stranger, holding the door for an elderly couple, helping a struggling Mom carry her groceries while holding a child in her arms, smiling at someone as you walk past. It can not only brighten our day, but may have been the single act of kindness that helped another person want to make it to another day. You may have been their penny.

Find those pennies in your life, find those little things that make you smile and dream again. Pick up those pennies and cherish them in that of your friends or family or the people you love and the relationships you value most. Believe that you have the power to change the luck in your life and even in someones else’s. If you learn to accept yourself and accept everything around you as it is and find value in those things, your world will change. It will change for the better. Your eyes will be opened to the simplistic perfection thats all around you.

Just a penny for my thoughts today…I guess. 😉


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