why do i care .

There are always a lot of thoughts that cross my mind about my life and after a while I start to think to myself, "why do I even care?". The truth is, I really don't. I often reflect of course, on the negatives that happened in my life. I search for answers, red flags I … Continue reading why do i care .


lines on the ceiling .

Do you ever lay awake in bed at night and just do a review of your life? The other night I caught myself doing just that. Coming back after the holidays can be rough sometimes, especially if you've really enjoyed your time and were able to relax. It seems like we don't realize all the … Continue reading lines on the ceiling .

shame. shame.

Scrolling through the news feed this morning and all I see in the headlines are "shaming, bullying, assault, murder, rape, feud". It is honestly so discouraging to see words like that first thing in the morning. While I understand that media plays a huge role in promoting negativity and fear and sharing some of the … Continue reading shame. shame.